Watch Your Particles!

Practice of WORD + PARTICLE Combinations for English language leaners at higher levels

"Watch Your Particles!" is a set of worksheets designed to practise WORD + PARTICLE combinations in conversation and writing. The task has been divided into seven sections. Each section contains from 26 to 33 conversation questions. The questions, which are suitable for work in pairs or small groups, each contain a WORD + PARTICLE combination and should be answered fairly quickly. Students connected to the Internet can then complete a Multiple Choice Test (running on the Internet TESL Journal site) on the same range of WORD + PARTICLE combinations they have practised in conversation. A Gap Fill text, designed to test learning within a memorable context, then requires learners to produce the correct WORD + PARTICLEs.

Conversation Questions for WORD + PARTICLE Combinations and Gap Fill Texts

  1. WORDS "A" only-- - Paola and her jealous boyfriend [Interactive Version]
  2. WORDS "B" to "C" - King Richard and the youthful Cordelia [Interactive Version]
  3. WORDS "D" to "E" - George the Veterinary Surgeon & Susan the Geologist
  4. WORDS "F" to "J" - Diana, Princess of Wales
  5. WORDS "K" to "P" - Jimmy Miller, playwright and folk singer
  6. WORDS "Q" to "S" - Football Managers, Faith Healers and Psychologists
  7. WORDS "T" to "Z" - Lola's Love for Alicante

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