Text for dictation:

The British are said to be fond of animals. For many of them a dog or a cat is part of the family and must be well looked after.

Large sums of money are spent on veterinary bills and pet food. A trip to a supermarket will reveal whole aisles dedicated to our animal friends.

However, in the same supermarket, you can find battery chickens which have been factory farmed in cramped conditions and injected with antibiotics to contain disease, growth hormones to fatten them for market and tranquillizers to stop them from going mad.

Aware of the contradictions in their treatment of animals and the risks of mad cow disease, many British people are turning to vegetarian diets. Some have joined animal rights groups and have taken part in protests against the meat trade, especially the export of live animals for slaughter overseas.

  1. Get a good English speaker to dictate the text giving you a second reading with pauses so that you can write it down.
  2. Afterwards you can look at the above text to check your spelling.
  3. Next, using a red pen, put a small vertical mark high up before each stressed syllable in the text.
  4. Now click here to check that you have marked the correct syllables as the stressed ones.
  5. Finally, read the text aloud, taking care to stress the "stressed syllables" and not to stress the "weak" syllables.