Text for dictation:

The Arts cover an extremely wide field. They are encountered both in our education and leisure as we move from childhood to adulthood. Painting, sculpture and modelling are usually met at an early age both as a form of play and at school where they provide release from reading, writing and arithmetic. Literature often appears in the form of bedtime stories. Many children's stories have become classics.

When children reach their teens, they generally develop an interest in cinema. For some this is mainly entertainment provided by Hollywood blockbusters, but others progress to more challenging films. Most school pupils read novels as part of English Literature and are also introduced to Shakespeare, though they are more likely to take an interest in contemporary drama as provided by television soap operas.

A visit to a music store will reveal a sizeable interest in classical music, especially among older people. Opera and ballet appeal to a minority of the population and are usually expensive both to stage and to watch.

  1. Get a good English speaker to dictate the text giving you a second reading with pauses so that you can write it down.
  2. Afterwards you can look at the above text to check your spelling.
  3. Next, using a red pen, put a small vertical mark high up before each stressed syllable in the text.
  4. Now click here to check that you have marked the correct syllables as the stressed ones.
  5. Finally, read the text aloud, taking care to stress the "stressed syllables" and not to stress the "weak" syllables.