Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. "The government should make it more expensive for farmers to use

pesticides and more profitable for them to grow organic food."


2. Which age-group in your country eats most fast and convenience food?

What could be done to encourage these people to eat more fresh food?


3. Should the law limit the number of fast food restaurants in our towns?


4. Should suppliers be permitted to irradiate fruit and vegetables to make

them stay greener for longer on the shop shelves?


5. Do you think you can get all the nourishment you need from a vegetarian

diet? Would you be happy to eat a vegetarian diet for a week?


6. The Hay diet encourages you to separate protein from carbohydrate,

while the Chinese "Ying & Yang" diet encourages balanced eating.

Can you describe any special diets which are followed in your country?


7. Should countries try to grow all their own food or is it better to depend

on trade to meet your food needs?


8. Many people in Britain eat too much sugar, butter and salt. How healthy

are eating habits (a) generally in your country (b) in your own family?


9. Are you for or against genetically modified food?