Dialogue:______read aloud in pairs

A: What do you think of package holidays?


B: Well, they're usually very cheap, but joining a crowd of noisy people and

eating plastic food is not my idea of a holiday.


A: Are the resorts worth visiting?


B: Some of them are, but in my experience it's better to arrange private

accommodation rather than accepting the tour operator's choice of hotel.


A: But surely, you can see what you're getting in the holiday brochure.


B: You may see a picture of the hotel and there may even be a popular beach, but

if you want to go to a nicer locality, you can spend all day getting there.


A: Then how do you go about making your own arrangements?


B: It's not as difficult as you think. First, you look at the "flight only"

advertisements on teletext, in Sunday newspapers or travel shop windows to get an

idea of the best time to go. I usually go in early June or mid September to avoid

school children. There's a good range of flights and prices aren't too high.


A: How do you find private accommodation?


B: That's very easy in Europe because many British people buy holiday villas

which they let to other people while they're not staying there themselves. They

advertise in journals such as Dalton's Weekly, Exchange & Mart and in

Sunday newspapers.

A: I suppose that if they own these homes, they must be in nice locations.


B: That's the point. Also, they are usually well maintained and the owners will

leave you details of the best shops, restaurants and places to visit. They really want

you to recommend their homes to your friends. However, remember to ask them

about transport, especially if you don't drive.


A: Surely, most of these resorts would have bus services.


B: There are two problems here. Some of these homes are a long way from bus

routes. Moreover, bus services can disappear altogether when the tourist season

comes to an end. Many of these resorts are like ghost towns from October to May.