Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. Do you prefer to book holidays through travel agents or to make your

own arrangements? Describe your best and worst holidays?


2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of TWO of the following

forms of holiday accommodation:

(a) five star hotel (b) budget hotel (c) guest house

(d) bed & breakfast (e) self-catering villa (f) farmyard cottage

(g) ocean liner (h) student family (i) youth hostel

(j) caravan (k) tent (l) canal boat ?


3. Which form of accommodation did you have on your last holiday?

Were you satisfied with it?


4. Which form of accommodation would you prefer for your next holiday

and how many people would you like to accompany you?


5. What are your favourite holiday activities?


6. Has your country been spoilt by tourist developments?


7. A friend wants to get to know your country and is planning a tour.

What advice would you give about places to visit, travel, accommodation,

eating out, shopping, sightseeing, things to bring and souvenirs to buy?