Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. "Governments should provide a first class National Health Service for

everybody so that nobody would want to pay for private treatment."


2. "Most nurses are overworked and underpaid." Do you agree?


3. "People who have damaged their health through smoking or drinking

should be at the back of the queue for expensive treatments."


4. Do people have the right to smoke when children in the same house

or colleagues in the same office have to inhale the smoke?


5. "Everybody should be compulsorily tested for HIV to allow the

authorities to monitor and counter the spread of AIDS."


6. "Alternative therapies should be recognised and licenced under the NHS

to include (a) acupuncture (b) homeopathy (c) aromatherapy & massage

(d) meditation (e) yoga (f) hypnosis and (g) faith healing."


7. "Western doctors prescribe drugs and medicines too freely since they

do not have time to treat patients as individuals." Do you agree?

Do you think other systems such as Chinese Medicine are any better?