Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. Belinda Brooks-Gordon, a university psychologist, has done research showing

that men in a top international company categorise women into five groups:

In your country, do women have equal opportunities in the work-place, for example:

the same pay and promotion opportunities as men? Are they categorised?


2. Is it easy for women to continue their careers after taking time off work

to start a family? Do companies provide crèches or nurseries?


3. Do parents and teachers in your country encourage girls and boys to grow up differently?

Do they play with the same toys? Do they receive the same education at school and university?


4. Do you think women and men should perform the same or different roles?

Are men usually the bread-winners and women usually the home-makers in your country?


5. Are there any "womenís or menís rights" groups in your country?