Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. What kind of aid should the governments of rich countries give to poor countries?


2. "Population control is more important in rich countries than in poor countries since

rich babies consume much more of the world’s resources than poor ones."


3. "Economic Unions made up of rich countries are a form of protectionism which

prevents fair trade with Third World countries."


4. "Economic colonialism where multinational companies provide most of the work

opportunities is just as bad as colonialism where poor countries belong to rich ones."


5. "It is right for rich countries to have strict immigration controls to stop people from

poorer countries entering them and sharing in their better standard of living."


6. "Immigration should not be limited to people of similar race and culture. We should

welcome the opportunity of a truly multi-racial society."


7. "Everybody should be encouraged to do Voluntary Service Overseas (i.e. to live and

work in the Third World) so that we can understand the problems of poorer

countries and make a contribution to help them."


8. Would you like to be an overseas volunteer in a Third World country? If so,

which one and how could you contribute to that country’s development?


9. Are the poor poor because they are poor or because they are lazy?