Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. The universe is controlled by a God who rewards good and punishes wrong-doing.


2. True religion is incompatible with war.


3. There is life after death - for example, heaven, hell or reincarnation.


4. The story of Adam and Eve is not to be believed. Darwinís theory of evolution

is more credible.


5. It is impossible for the rich to be truly religious. Thatís why Christians have Lent

and Muslims have Ramadham.


6. It is better to have any religion than to be atheist or agnostic.


7. Do people have free will to choose between right or wrong or are our

choices determined by hereditary and environmental influences?


8. Are the ten commandments out of date? Which rules do you think are

needed for religion or society today?


9. In Western Europe, church attendance has gone down, while in the Arab world

religious worship has kept its popularity. Can you explain why?



10. Should women be allowed to become priests?



11. Should divorced men or women be allowed to re-marry in church?