Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. "Scientific measures should be standardized throughout the world. We should all use the metric system all of the time."


2. "Science is more important than religion in today’s world."


3. What do you think are the main dangers of scientific advances? What laws do you

think we need to protect societies from these dangers?


4. Have computers changed society for the better or for the worse?


5. Are you computer literate? Which software applications do you know?


6. Did you have lessons in Science and Technology at school? Were they well taught?


7. Would you prefer your child to study Arts or Science subjects?


8. Do you think Science will (a) end the world (b) save the world or (c) do neither?


9. Are most scientists in your country working on defence assignments or on non-military projects?


10. Which invention would you most like to have invented?


11. Are there more men scientists than women scientists in your country? If so, why?