Dialogue:______read aloud in pairs

A: Many politicians have visions of a better society. Do you have such a vision?


B: I'll need time to think about that. If you can describe the visions of the

different political parties, then I'll tell you where I stand.


A: O.K. I'll start with the Labour Party. It seems that they want gradual change

towards a more equitable society with improvements to education, health and public

transport. The Conservatives seem to favour private ownership. They want a society

where people with business interests can make a lot of money without interference

from Government. The Liberal Democrats want more or less the same as New

Labour, though they are more eager to change the voting system.


B: Don't you think the vision of the three major parties is more or less the same?


A: Well, it has to be. They're out for votes. They've learnt that people are wise

to promises which can't be delivered; in fact, they probably don't want too much

upheaval in their lives.


B: Do any of the minor parties offer promises of greater change?


A: I think we can forget about the National Front Party, because there now

seems to be a general acceptance that Britain is a multi-racial society as well as a

fairly tight stance on immigration. The Green Party is of far greater interest, because

their vision relates to everything we produce and consume and the effects of all our

actions on the environment.


B: But surely, they'll never get enough support to win a General Election.


A: No, but you can be certain that the major political parties will steal their

clothes. Everybody notices when town centres become clogged up with cars, when the

air in their streets becomes polluted, when it becomes dangerous to swim in the sea

and when their water tastes of pesticides.


B: You mean it's possible to ignore the Green Party, but you can't ignore their

policies when a general consensus of people come to support them?


A: Exactly.


B: Well, I think I'll go along with the Green Party's vision of society, but I'm

not sure that I'll vote for them. You see, I want my vote to count.


A: You should vote for what you believe in. Then there's far more chance that the

major parties will sit up and take notice.