Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. Which is more important in sport - winning or taking part? Are you a good loser?


2. Should we always try to keep politics out of sport?


3. What are the most important events in the sporting calendar in your country?

Which of these events do you enjoy most? Why?


4. In Britain, the big events include the Boat Race, the Grand National & the Derby

(horse races), the Five Nations (rugby) the FA Cup Final (football), the Test Match

(cricket) and Wimbledon (tennis). Which of these would you like to see? Why?


5. Is it easy to take part in sport in your country? Which sports do you do and how

often do you take part?


6. Who are your sporting heroes and heroines? Why do you admire them?


7. Should the Olympic Games be held only in Greece or should they change between

different countries? Where would you like to see them held next time?


8. Do you think that boxing is a true sport? Should it be included in the Olympic Games?

Should it be made illegal?


9. Which is your favourite sport to watch and what do you think are the qualities of

a good team or a true champion in that sport?


10. Do people in your country do enough sport or do they prefer to watch TV and play

computer games? How could you encourage lazy people to do more sport?