Text for dictation:

There are several different categories of sports which exercise both the body and mind.

Altitude sports include gliding, hang-gliding, mountaineering and parachuting. They are not for people who are afraid of heights.

Athletics includes track and field events involving running, jumping, vaulting and throwing. A standard track is a circuit of 400 metres. The field is the green area in the middle.

Combat games consist of boxing, fencing, judo, karate, kendo and wrestling.

Court games attract people of all ages. They include badminton, basketball, handball, netball, pelota, squash, table tennis, tennis and volleyball. The courts are rectangular.

Equestrian sports, usually for people rich enough to own horses, include dressage, eventing, horse racing, polo and show jumping. Many people enjoy betting on the horses.

Field sports require a large area of green. They include American football, baseball, bowls, cricket, croquet. golf, hockey, lacrosse, rugby football and soccer.

Gymnasium sports consist of weightlifting and gymnastics. The latter contains floor exercises including leaps, spins, balances and tumbles as well as fixed apparatus such as rings, bars, beams, pommel horses and vaulting horses.

Other categories of sport are (1) target (2) water (3) wheeled and (4) winter sports. Can you provide examples of sports in each of these categories?

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