Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. Which is your favourite means of private transport?

2. Do you drive a car? When did you learn to drive? What make of car do you drive?


3. What skills do you need to practise to pass the driving test in your country?

Did you pass your test first time? What do you find most difficult about driving?


4. Which is your favourite kind of public transport -


5. How do you usually travel to work or college in your country?


6. How did you get from your home in your country to your host mother’s house?


7. Are you in favour of more road building to create more space for the private motorist

in your country?


8. Do you think that more cycle lanes are needed in your own town or city? What would

be some of the problems in providing more facilities for cyclists?

9. Do you think that more freight should be sent by rail? Why are companies

reluctant to send their goods this way? What needs to be done to change their minds?


10. What transport do you think we’ll be using in 50 years time?