Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. How many countries have you visited and which is your favourite country apart from your own? Explain why?


2. Would you like to live permanently in another country? Why or why not?


3. Which is the longest journey you have ever made? How did you travel? What events do you remember on the way?


4. Which is your favourite journey for beautiful scenery? Describe what there is to see.


5. Which capital city is your favourite? How do you like to spend your time there?


6. Do you enjoy touring - travelling from place to place? Describe one of your itineraries?


7. Do you suffer from travel sickness or anxiety in cars boats or planes?

If so, what do you do to overcome these problems?


8. Do you buy travel insurance before going to visit other countries?

What worries would make you take out insurance?


9. Imagine you are an explorer and have the opportunity to make a big journey.

Which continent would you visit? Where would you go? What would you hope to see?


10. Is organised travel the best way of learning about the world?