Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. "There should be strict censorship of films and news bulletins on television

to prevent children from copying violent incidents." Do you agree?


2. "Children’s cartoons such as Tom & Jerry and Popeye teach children the wrong lessons." Do you agree?


3. "Television cameras should not record crowd disturbances during sporting events

such as football matches." What do you think?


4. "Combat sports such as boxing where the aim is to injure your opponent should be

banned and should certainly not be part of the Olympic Games." Do you agree?


5. "Products such as pornographic videos and rap music which give expression to

violence against women should be withdrawn from sale." Do you agree?


6. "In most countries, military training which prepares people for violence against an

enemy, should be replaced by schemes to serve the community." Do you agree?


7. "Nobody should be permitted to own a hand gun for a hobby." What do you think?


8. "Combat knives should be made illegal." Do you agree?


9. "Parents should not buy toy guns or war toys for their children." Do you agree?


10. "Corporal punishment should not be used either at school or in the home." Do you agree?