Discussion questions:______ask and answer

1. What ratio of work to leisure would be your ideal? Answer using percentages.


2. Are the people in your country famous for working hard or for having a good social life?


3. What jobs would you most and least like to do?


4. What jobs have you done in your life and what did you like and dislike about them?


5. Which age-groups are worst affected by unemployment in your country?

Should people who have never worked before be entitled to unemployment benefit?


6. What are the causes of unemployment and how is the problem solved in your country?


7. Do women in your country have equality of job opportunities? Are they paid as well as men?


8. Are there many migrant workers in your country? If so, what kind of jobs do they do? What are their working conditions like?


9. Do people leave your country to find work in other countries? Where do they go?

What sort of jobs do they get? Are they made welcome?


10. Do workers in your country pay a lot of income tax to the government?

Do people with large salaries pay a much higher rate of tax than other workers? Do you think they should?


11. Do you think that every worker should have the right to join a Trade Union?


12. Do you think that every worker, (including doctors, nurses, teachers, the police,

ambulance crews and fire fighters), should have the right to go on strike?