Table of Logical Cohesive Devices

Use this grid to complete the eight practice texts on the next page:-


(1) ADDITION moreover| furthermore| and| also| too| as well| equally
(2) ANTITHESIS however| nevertheless| on the other hand| but| whereas|
(3) COMPARISON compared with| in comparison with| similarly| in the same way|
(4) REASON / CAUSE as| since| because| due to| owing to| because of| out of|
(5) RESULT/SUMMARY as a result | consequently | so | therefore | then | in conclusion | in all | in brief | in short | in summary
(6) PURPOSE so that | in order that | in order to | to | for | for the sake of |
(7) EXAMPLE for example | for instance| namely| that is to say| what I mean is|
(8) ORDER of EVENTS first(ly)| second(ly)| finally| first| next| then| after that| lastly|
(9) TIME SEQUENCE at first | after a while | in the end | finally
(10) RE-EXPRESSION in other words | that is to say | alternatively | rather
(11) DEDUCTION this means that| in that case it follows that | then| otherwise|
(12) SIDETRACKING incidentally| by the way |to turn to | come to mention it|

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