CONNECTORS - Logical Cohesion in spoken or written English

Use the grid on the last page to complete the eight practice texts below:-

1. Brighton is a nice town (2) Hove is (1) attractive.

2. The tourist population of London is very large (3) that of Brighton. (2), Brighton

attracts thousands of English Language students.

3. There are many things to do in Brighton. (8), there is the sea. Palace Pier offers some of the best views of the Sea Front. (8), there is the Royal Pavilion. This is one of the most popular palaces in the world. (8), there are the shops. The old Lanes and the new Churchill Square shopping centre offer good value for money.

4. When you arrive in Britain, (9) it can be difficult to make yourself understood.

5. Do not spend all your time in Brighton reading grammar books. (11), you will not learn to communicate with real British people. (12), few British people speak perfect, grammatical English. (1), the grammar of English changes as people's speaking habits change. (7), how many English speakers still use the old-fashioned word "whom"?

6. (5), get out and about. Don't sit at home and read books you could read in your own country.

7. Tourist Information Centres advertise a wide range of events and entertainments. (10), you can look in The Argus or the free Brighton weekly paper.

8. People from the south of England can sometimes seem cold. (10), they do not attempt to get to know you as soon as you enter a pub. (5), many overseas visitors are a little disappointed. (2), people seem unfriendly (4) shyness. (10), they are afraid to be the first person to start a conversation.

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