13A. Time & Getting along____Time management____[Latinate]

Rewrite the text, using PHRASAL VERBS to replace the underlined words:

We normally associate time management with companies that are trying to introduce new ways of making their employees more productive. Trade Unions are often blamed for restrictive practices - old ways of delaying production and postponing what can be done in the morning until the afternoon. However, management can also delay payment of bonuses or defer salary increases until the next financial year. Some employees have to manage on very low pay. In the worst cases, it transpires that their companies have gone bankrupt and cannot afford to pay them at all.

Time management also affects the self-employed, those looking after a home, those without work and those who are living in pain.

For the self-employed, time is money. It is important to pay one's way without killing oneself. It is foolish to continue working without a break. For example, a writer needs to maintain a steady output of work. A housewife, who may have the exhausting task of looking after a large family, needs to continue until her partner comes home. If she is lucky, he will take over with the children while she continues with the evening meal. Those in pain may be hoping to finish the day as quickly as possible and if everything runs its course without too much suffering, their precious sleep patterns may provide almost six hours of relief.


bring in


get on

Almost, approximately

going on for


make do with

Almost, nearly

getting on for

Manage, pay one's way

get along


hold up


get by


put off


keep up


put off


carry on


hold over

Continue without interruption

go on

Run its course

go off

Continue without stopping

hold on

Cease doing something

give over

Continue doing something

get on


get something over




turn out