5A. Acceptance & Agreement____The new Compact Disk Recorder____[Latinate]

Rewrite the text, using PHRASAL VERBS to replace the underlined words:

A Dutch electronics company are manufacturing a machine which will allow ordinary consumers to make copies of their compact disks. It is believed that recordable compact disks (CD-R), will soon start to be adopted as the new medium of the 21st century.

However, the release of the new machine has not been well received by companies who own the copyright of most of the world's music and it has also failed to gain the support of many of the leading artists who stand to lose a lot of money.

It is feared that many of us will begin the illegal practice of copying our CD collections for our friends. Few people adhere to copyright law in the privacy of their homes. Even respectable grandparents indulge in illegal copying of their favourite songs and films. A bigger problem is that of professional piracy.

Those who believe that it is now time to offer the general public a high quality means of recording, hope that copyright owners will eventually be in accord with the line taken by the Dutch company. A spokesperson from the Campaign for Better Technology said yesterday: "A new opportunity like this should not be rejected. Fears that CD-R will destroy the music industry are exaggerated and should be brushed aside. Piracy can actually lead to increased sales as artists become known in countries where people have very little money. The benefits of wider distribution often compensate for the initial losses. We hope to persuade everybody to accept the inevitability of the digital age."

Begin to be adopted

catch on

Agree with

hold to

Gain the support of

carry with

Abide by

hold to

Be received (by)

go down (with)

Adhere to

keep to


get by

Stick to (what you say)

stand by


take to

Agree, be in accord with

fall in with


take up

Reject, refuse

turn down

Indulge in, adopt

go in for

Brush aside

put by

Compensate for

make up for

Persuade a person to accept

bring round to