10B. Cause and Effect____Failing schools____[Phrasal]

Rewrite the text using PHRASAL VERBS to replace the underlined words:

Greater scrutiny of schools that are failing their pupils is expected to come out of the league tables that have now been published for some years. Once the news gets about that the local Comprehensive School is near the bottom of the tables, rumours are put about relating to poor teaching, failure to maintain discipline and bad management. Whether or not these rumours turn out to be true, this is what comes of comparing the nation's children without reference to the social problems which schools have to deal with. In extreme cases, a government inquiry comes about and some staffing changes are often brought about. An experienced official may stand in for the school's headteacher, who may have to undergo retraining to get out of taking early retirement.

The new manager may ask staff and parents to pull together to stamp out truancy, to clamp down on bad behaviour and to see that homework is completed on time. Close monitoring behaviour and performance may go on for some time until the new manager is convinced that pupils are getting down to the core components of the national curriculum. If all goes well, the next set of league tables will show improvements, which will have been brought on by the new policy of targeting schools which are underperforming.

Cause, cause to arise

bring on

Be the result of

arise from

Cause to happen

bring about

Result from

come out of

Happen, take place, continue

go on


get about

Happen, follow

come about

Set in circulation

put about


turn out

Give serious attention to

get down to

Avoid doing something

get out of

Make a concerted effort

pull together

Act as substitute for

stand in for