12B. Travel & Visits____A visit to Madrid____[Informal]

Rewrite the text using PHRASAL VERBS to replace the underlined words:

Yesterday, the Walsh family looked in to tell us about their holiday in Spain. Mr Walsh does not like flying. As soon as the plane takes off he goes into a cold sweat, so they decided to take the boat from Portsmouth to Santander. The boat could have gone down to the bottom of the Bay of Biscay, but luckily for the Walsh family it didn't. It got into the Spanish port about 24 hours after it had left England. The foot passengers were the first to get off.

As they made for the exit to the port, a man in a green uniform came up to them and asked if they wanted to hire a car. This was their intention, and fortunately the man they had come across worked for their favourite car rental company. He was very pleasant and warned them that heavy rain was holding up traffic on the minor roads in the North West of Spain.

They pulled out of the port in the direction of the motorway, but before they got there they pulled in at a large garage for petrol. When they got to the motorway, Mrs Walsh, who was driving the car, pulled away leaving all the heavier vehicles behind, putting on l00 kilometres per hour in a few seconds. They were soon going towards the outskirts of Madrid. They planned to look up the Alvarez family who they had fallen in with on their last holiday in Alicante and who had offered to take them in. They enjoyed getting about by car and hoped that the Alvarez family would join them for some days out.

Approach (go)

go towards


come round

Approach ( come )

come up to

Visit for a short time

look in

Go towards

make for

Pay a visit to someone

look up


get to


take in

Stop (park)

pull in

Stop (traffic)

hold up

Arrive (in)

get in(to)

Stop (with intent to rob)

hold up


get off

Meet by chance

come across

Begin to move away from

pull out of

Meet by chance

fall in with


pull away


get about

Gather speed

put on


get about

Leave the ground

take off


go down