14B. Oral & Written Communication____Learning English____[Informal]

Rewrite the text, using PHRASAL VERBS to replace the underlined words:

There are many reasons for learning English. What I'm getting at is that some learners may need to put forward business plans and hold forth about different subjects, while others from the same companies may just need to take down messages over the phone, put down faxes and make up short letters.

Teachers of general English assume that learners will want to put across their basic requirements, get over personal information, put over their preferences and opinions and take up certain topics in conversation or debate.

Teaching languages often involves passing on social skills such as cutting in on other speakers. I bring this up because in some countries it is considered rude. By laying down what English people do, we are teaching the culture. Learners often look to their teachers for information about English habits. For example, how do English people address their bosses when putting in for a pay rise? Teachers have to be very careful because their language and behaviour are held up as examples of how English is spoken and what English people do. If the same learners turn to another teacher for similar advice, the answers may be different!

Make a speech

hold forth

Write (down)

put down

State clearly & definitely

lay down

Write down, record

take down

Mean, imply

get at

Write out (cheque)

make out

Communicate, explain

put across


make up

Communicate, explain

put over

Apply for

put in for


pass on

Exhibit, put forward

hold up

Explain, convey facts

get over

Apply to (for advice)

turn to

Suggest, propose

put forward

Turn to (for advice)

look to

Raise ( a question )

take up


bring up


cut in (on)