2B. Good & Bad Behaviour____The world we live in____[Informal]

Rewrite the text, avoiding the PHRASAL VERBS in the underlined sections:

It is natural for parents to look after their own children. They put themselves out to feed and clothe them and fall over themselves to give them a good start in life. Most children put upon their parents. Some get into a lot of trouble and have to be taught to turn over a new leaf.

However, we cannot make out that adults are good. We only have to follow the news to be reminded of all the violence and corruption in the world. We hear about countries which are trying to get the better of neighbouring states by turning on them and sometimes they succeed in taking them over. We read about boxers who cut down their opponents with brutal punches laying them out in front of an audience of excited spectators. We cry when a pet cat is put down, but when a woman is done in by a jealous husband, it is just another news story.

Our politicians lay into each other in Parliament. They think we fall for their promises, but few of us are taken in. They pass themselves off as public servants, but they keep us down with their laws and do us out of our hard earned income. No politician is going to lay down their life for you or me. They would rather give away the country's secrets. That's why we take them off on television. They do not mind this, but any real protest or rebellion would soon be put down.

Take great trouble

put oneself out


put down

Be over anxious (to help)

fall over oneself


keep down

Take care of

look after


lay down (life)

Behave better

turn over a new leaf


give away


do in

Cheat of

do out of

Kill painlessly

put down


do someone down


go for


take in


lay into

Be tricked by

fall for


turn on


make out

Cause to fall

lay out

Pretend to be

pass (oneself) off as


cut down


take off

Prove superior to

get the better of

Take advantage of

put upon

Obtain control of

take over