8B. Home maintenance & Work____Do It Yourself - the great British pastime____[Informal]

Rewrite the text, using PHRASAL VERBS to replace the underlined words:

It sounds like a bomb has gone off in the house next door. No, it hasnít. Itís Sunday and all the neighbours are at it again. Miss Allday is turning out her living room. Mr Shaw is laying on an electricity supply to his greenhouse. His plants must be getting cold. Even Mrs Taylor, the piano teacher, has turned to car maintenance for the day. Mr Wise is really organised. Heís taken on a team of builders to extend his downstairs bathroom. I hope heís got planning permission. Last week, the same team were doing up his kitchen. He lays them off from Monday to Saturday and then on the day of rest theyíre all at it again.

Whatever happened to quiet contemplation? God took almost a week to build heaven and earth, but the people in this street think they can do it in a day! No wonder church attendances are falling!

This great country of ours no longer turns out good Christians. Everybodyís too busy putting up garden sheds or adding rooms to their properties to put up invisible guests. If a bomb really went off next door, nobody would call the fire brigade. Mr Wise and his team would just turn on the nearest fire hydrant and they would put it out themselves. Come to think of it, I could probably do with one of these amateur teams. My washing machine has just given out. Damn, itís Sunday... Iíll have to wait till tomorrow before I can call out the service engineer.


go off


take on

Clear of its contents

turn out


lay off


put out

Change to

turn to

Cease to burn

go out

Produce, make

turn out

Connect (a supply)

lay on

Make use of

do with

Open (a tap)

turn on


put up

Cause to function (light)

put on


put up

Cease to function (machine)

give out

Refurbish, decorate

do up