1B. Good & Bad Feelings____An unhappy relationship____[Informal]

Rewrite the text, avoiding the PHRASAL VERBS in the underlined sections:

Veronica had always looked up to Philip. Before too long, he had taken to her as well. He was given to Italian food and she cooked him Lasagne every week.

Unfortunately, Philip's mother, Betty, looked down on Veronica. The main problem was that Veronica smoked heavily wherever she went. This really got on Betty's nerves, but it didn't put Philip off.

One day, Betty, who was afraid that Veronica wanted to get off with her son, decided to talk to Philip directly.

"How can you put up with someone who always has a cigarette in her mouth?" she complained.

"Why does Veronica make you feel so cut up? Whenever she tries to be friendly you always put her down," he answered.

"A week later, Veronica and Philip fell out when he found a cigarette end in his Lasagne. She told him that he was as bad as his mother and he became very angry. They never made it up and decided never to see each other again. This went down well with Betty, who decided that she would prepare Italian food for her son every week.


look up to

Regard with contempt

look down on

Get to like

take to


get on one's nerves

Become attracted to

fall for


get down


go down well with

(Feel) angry

(Feel) put out

Make love to

get off with

Cause to lose interest

put off

Addicted to

given to


fall out

End a quarrel

make up


cut up

Bear, tolerate

Put up with


put down