Consonant Clusters

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beginning with voiced bilabial nasal---- / m /

001---------mp (final) -------bump, camp, hemp, limp, lump, ramp

bump I knew I'd bump into him sooner or later.
camp There's been an outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease in a Butlin's Holiday Camp.
hemp They were woven from hemp and embroidered with wool.
limp The memory seemed to worsen her limp; her hip knocked his as they walked.
ramp They drove up the ramp from the underground car park at Scotland Yard.

002---------mps (final) ----- amps, camps, lamps, lumps, mumps, trumps

amps Divide the watts by the volts to calculate the amps.
lamps We turned our bedside lamps on.
lumps She had two enormous lumps on her head.
trumps Two rounds of trumps can be drawn with the Ace and King.

003---------mf (final) -------lymph, nymph

lymph The characteristic swelling of the lymph glands between the lower jaw often take several days to develop.
lymph It causes a flu-like illness with high fever and swollen lymph nodes.
nymph Usually they were portraits; occasionally, the whole body of a naked nymph.
nymph Iris was most often depicted as a NYMPH with golden, winged sandals and a herald's staff.

004---------mft (final) ------triumphed

triumphed The head had triumphed over the heart.
triumphed Manchester United triumphed 2-;1 against Chelsea after being a goal down.
triumphed In the end technology triumphed over brute strength.
triumphed This mirrored the belief that medical science had not only triumphed over disease and illness in the past but would continue to do so in future.

005---------mfs (final) ------nymphs

nymphs Stone nymphs make an interesting centrepiece.
nymphs What have naked nymphs to do with mortal expectations?
nymphs If we enjoy sex we're nymphs and if we don't we're frigid.
nymphs Nymphs, gnomes and salamanders

006---------mt (final) -------camped, dreamt revamped, lumped

camped We camped on an island of palm trees.
dreamt I never dreamt we'd reach a place like this.
dreamt I got very drunk, and dreamt that I understood Walt Disney.
revamped Crumbling schools could be revamped and new equipment provided with �4 billion.
lumped All the countries of the South cannot be lumped together if the processes which affect education are to be understood.

007---------mt (medial) ------empty, temptation

empty Her head was ringing like an empty glass.
empty If you empty a rubbish bin onto the ground, it doesn't mean the rubbish will disappear.
temptation Don't put opportunity and temptation in the way of thieves.
temptation Resist the temptation to light up, especially in the mornings.

008---------mtr (medial) -----temptress

temptress Eve the temptress, created by a male deity, was formed from the rib of Adam.
temptress Why had she behaved like a temptress in a fifties movie?
temptress That is the mouth of a temptress, a seductress.
temptress The idealized goddess and the erotic temptress were realized in the persons of different women.

009---------mts (final) -------tempts

tempts The Devil tempts all God's creatures so as to keep goodness out of the world.
tempts If an estate car tempts you, it could pay to choose one with the option of an extra row of seats.
tempts If something which we know is wrong tempts us, then we must make every effort to avoid it, by putting our energy to better use.
tempts If, however, you have started at the Bar, there is no reason why you should not apply for any local government post that tempts you.

010---------md (final) -------aimed, assumed, formed, roamed, shamed

aimed Each collection is aimed at a very specific market.
assumed In many academic disciplines no prior knowledge is required or assumed.
formed The company is now formed and trading can commence.
roamed In North America the mighty bison once roamed in tens of millions.
shamed Wife's family speak out as shamed Cabinet Minister resigns at last.
seemed He seemed guilty enough to me.------* note the rules for deletion of / d /

011---------mst (final) ------glimpsed

glimpsed With his naked eye Joseph had glimpsed only a faint smudge of coastline.
glimpsed She glimpsed him through the glass walls of his studio as she walked past.
glimpsed Further along the grassy track, half hidden behind trees, a church roof can be glimpsed.
glimpsed Her well-modelled shoulders could be glimpsed through her muslin dress.

012---------mz (final) -------comes, terms, times

comes See what he says when he comes in.
terms It is divided into three 10-week terms a year.
terms We have got to make sure that those people who are nominated or delegated within the terms of the contract, are people who have the knowledge and experience.
terms They failed to agree terms, so no contract was signed.
terms Define you terms at the beginning of your essay.
times Calls are charged at 36p min. off peak and 48p at all other times.

/ m / / p / / b / / f / / v / / θ / / ð / / n / / t / / d /
/ s / / z / / l / / ʧ / / ʤ / / ʃ / / ʒ / / ŋ / / k / / g /

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Paste words containing consonant clusters into the search engine
of The British National Corpus [opens search engine window ].

/ *mp / (final) -------afterdamp amp blackdamp blimp blowlamp bump camp champ chimp chokedamp chomp chump clamp clump comp contemp cramp crimp crump damp decamp dump encamp firedamp flashlamp frump gazump gimp grump headlamp hemp hump imp jump kemp lamp limp lump mugwump outjump overtrump pimp plump pomp primp pump ramp restamp revamp romp rump scamp scrimp scrump shrimp skimp slump stamp stomp stump sump sunlamp swamp tamp temp thump tramp trump ump undertrump vamp whitedamp

/ *mf / (final) -------bumph humph lymph nymph triumph

/ *mt / (final) -------dreamt

/ *md / (final) -------acclaimed accustomed affirmed aimed alarmed armed arramed ashamed assumed barnstormed beamed becalmed bedimmed begrimed blamed blasphemed bloomed blossomed boomed bottomed brainstormed brimmed bummed calmed caromed charmed chimed chirmed chloroformed chromed chummed claimed clammed confirmed conformed consumed costurned counterclaimed crammed creamed dammed daydreamed declaimed deemed defamed deformed deplumed diagrammed dimmed disaccustomed disaffirmed disarmed disclaimed disconfirmed disesteemed domed doomed dreamed drummed electroformed embalmed envenomed esteemed exclaimed exhumed famed farmed fathomed filmed firmed flamed flimflammed foamed forearmed foredoomed forenamed formed framed fumed gamed gemmed gleamed groomed gummed hammed harmed hemmed homed hummed inflamed informed inhumed jammed lamed lammed limed loomed maimed malformed med microfilmed microprogrammed mimed misinformed misnamed misperformed misrhymed mistermed mistimed mohammed monogrammed mummed mushroomed named napalmed nicknamed outperformed overconsumed overwhelmed palmed pantomimed performed perfumed plumed preaccustomed preaffirmed prearmed predoomed preformed preinformed premed preprogrammed presumed prewarmed primed primmed proclaimed programmed quitclaimed rammed ransomed reacclaimed reaccustomed reaffirmed reamed rearmed reassumed reclaimed reconfirmed redeemed refilmed reformed reframed rehemmed reinflamed reinformed renamed reprogrammed resumed retrimmed rewarmed rhymed rimed rimmed roamed roomed salaamed schemed scrammed screamed scrummed scummed seamed seemed semiformed shamed shammed shimmed skimmed slammed slimed slimmed slummed spumed squirmed steamed stemmed steriochromed stormed streamed strummed sublimed subsumed summed surnamed swarmed tamed teamed teemed termed thrummed timed trammed transformed transomed trimmed unacclaimed unaccustomed unaimed unalarmed unarmed unashamed unass uined unblamed unbosomed unclaimed unconfirmed unconsumed uncustomed undernamed underwhelmed undimmed undreamed unfathomed unformed unframed unharmed uniformed uninformed unnamed unperformed unproclaimed unreclaimed unredeemed unreformed unrhymed unshamed unstemmed unstreamed untamed untransformed untriramed unwarmed vacuumed volumed warmed welcomed whammed whelmed wormed zoomed

/ *mz / (final) -------Note that voiced / m / is followed by voiced / z / abysms acclaims accustoms acetabulums acronyms aerodromes affirms agendums ageratums aims airdromes airframes airstreams alarms alarums albums algorithms allonyms alloplasms alluviums alms amalgams americanisms anachronisms anadems anagrams anarchisms aneurisms aneurysms angiosperms angleworms anglicisms angstroms anonyms antagonisms anterooms anthems anthropomorphisms antilogarithms antimerisms antirrhinums antiserums antonyms aphorisms apoc hromat i sms apoenzymes apothegms apothems aquariums arboretums archaisms armamentariums armariums arms armyworms arums ashrams assumes asterisms astroblemes astrodomes asylums athenaeums atoms atriums auditoriums autosomes axioms baculums ballrooms balms balsams bantarns baptisms barbarisms barnstorms barograms bathrooms be tweent ime s beams becalms becomes bedims bedrooms bedtimes begrimes begums beldams besoms betimes bienniums biomes biorhythms biremes blames blasphemes blastoderms bloodstreams bloodworms blooms blossoms boardrooms bollworms bonorums bookworms booms bosoms bothriums bottoms boxrooms brahms brainstorms breams bridegrooms brims briticisms broadlooms brooms broughams bums c hromosomes cablegrams cairngorms caladiums calms cambiums cames cams canadianisms candelabrums cankerworms capsicums cardamoms cardamums cardiograms caroms cartograms caseworms cataclysms catechisms catworms celoms centigrams centimes centrosomes centrums cerebellums cerebrums charms chasms checkrooms cheongsams chiasms chimes chirms chloroforms chondriosomes chondrosepturns chromatograms chromes chronograms chrysanthemums chums cladograms claims clams classrooms climes cloakrooms clubrooms cockalorums cockneyisms codenames coelomes coeloms cofferdams coliseums collegiums colloquialisms colloquiums colluviums collyriums cologarithms colosseums comes compendiums condominiums condoms confirms conforms consommes consortiums consumes continuums conundrums corms costumes counterclaims courtrooms crams craniums creams crematoriums crernes crimes criticisms crossbeams cryptograms curriculums customs cutworms cyclograms cymes cystograms cytochromes dames dams darkrooms datums daydreams decagrams decenniums decigrams declaims deems defames deforms dekagrams deliriums delphiniums demes denims deplumes depositums despotisms diadems diagrams diaphragms diatoms dieturns dimes dimorphisms dims dinnertimes disaccustoms disaffirms disarms disesteems dooms drams dukedoms dynatherms earldoms echinoderms eelworms disclaims disconfirms do1drums dolphinariums domes doorframes dorms downcomes drachms dreams drums dumdums duodenums dysphemisms eardrums earthworms ecclesiasticisms ecosystems ectoenzymes ectoplasms effluviums electrocardiograms electrocorticograms electroencephalograms elms embalms emblems enanthems engrams entryisms epigrams epitheliums embolisms emporiums encephalograms encomiums endgames endoenzymes enthusiasms enthymemes entoderms envenoms enzymes epicraniums epineuriums episcopalianisms epitomes epizoisms eponyms equilibriums equisetums erythroniums esteems ethnotcentrisms euphemisms euphuisms exams exanthems exclaims exhumes exoderms exoenzymes exorcisms exordiums extremes fac turns factotums faddisms fames farms fathoms favouritisms femes femmes filenames films filoplumes firearms firestorms firms flagellums flames flams flatworms fleams flimflams flumes foams forearms foredooms forenames formes forms forums foursomes frames freedoms frustums fulcrums fumatoriums fumes games gams gelsemiums gems gendarmes genomes genoms geraniums germs gisarmes gleams glims glooms glossemes glowworms glumes gnomes golems grammes grams grannoms graphemes greenrooms greensomes grillrooms grograms grooms guardrooms gums gymnasiums gymnospsrms gyms haemac hr ome s hailstorms hairworms hakims halms hamatums hames hams hansoms harems harmoniums harms haulms he auines headstreams heartworms hectograms hectomgrammes heirlooms helms hems herbariums hermes herms heterochromosomes heteronyms hexagrams hierograms hippodromes histograms holograms homes homonyms honorariums hoodlums hookworms hornbeams hums hydroperitoneums hymeniums hyponyms ichthyisms ideograms idioms imams inchworms incomes indumentums inflames informs inhumes ins earns insectariums intercoms interims interregnums irishisms irrationalisms isms isocheims isochimes isoenzymes isogeotherms isograms isotherms isozymes italianisms items james jams jejunums Jeroboams jimjams jugums kames kermes kettledrums killogr amities kilograms kingdoms kissagrams laburnums laconicisms lames lams latinisms legalisms legumes leprosariums leptosomes lexemes lexigrams lifetimes lignums limes liposomes lithotomes loams lobworms logarithms logjams logograms looms lunchrooms lunchtimes lustrums lyceums lysosomes lysozymes macrocosms madames madams maelstroms magnetisms magnums maims mainframes mainstreams malapropisms mannerisms manubriums marigrams marjorams martyrdoms mausoleums maxims maximums mealworms mechanisms mediums meerschaums megohms memorandums menstruums mesdames mesotheliums metamorphisms metronomes miasms microcosms microfilms microforms microgr amines micrograms microorganisms microsystems midterms milldams millenniums milligrams millstreams mimes minims minimums misbecomes misin�orms misnames misperforms misterms mistimes mmes modems modicums momenturns monochromes monograms moonbeams moratoriums morphemes moslems ms muckworms mums museums mushrooms muslims mysticisms names napalms nasturtiums neologisms neoplasms nephograms newsrooms nicknames nietzscheanisms nietzscheisms nighttimes nomes nomograms noms norms nostrums notandums nucleoplasms nucleosomes ohms omentums opossums opprobriums optimums organisms orgasms outcomes outperforms outswims overcomes overconsumes overwhelms pachyderms packframes palindromes palladiums palliums palms panj andrums pantomimes paradigms paragammacisms parallelograms parameciums paroxysms partograms pastimes pendulums penicilliums pentagrams peplums performs perfumes peritoneums phantasms phantoms phonemes photograms phraseograms phyllomes pilgrims plagiarisms planetariums planforms platforms playrooms plectrums plenums pleuroperitoneums plumes plums podiums poems pogroms poppadoms possumes possums postmortems prams preaccustoms preaffirms prearms predooms preforms preinforms prelims premiums prenames presidiums presumes prewarms primes prims prisms problems proclaims prodromes programmes programs proms prosceniums psalms pseudonyms quadrenniums qualms quitclaims quorums racclaims radiograms radomes ragworms rainstorms rams ransoms re films reaccustoms reaffirms realms reams rearms reassumes reclaims reconfirms recturns redeems referendums reforms reframes regimes rehems rehoboams reinflames reinforms rems renames requiems resumes retrims rewarms rhemes rhizomes rhymes rhythms ribosomes rimes rims ringworms roams roms rooms rostrums roundworms rums sac rums salaams salerooms sanatoriums sandstorms sandworms saneturns sarcasms scams schemes schisms schoolmarms schoolrooms scrams screams scrims scrotums scrums scums seams seems seismograms semidomes sensoriums sequestrums serums servomechanisms sesames shahdoms shames shams sheikdoms shims showrooms sidearms silkworms sitcoms skims slaloms slams slimes slims slums snowstorms solariums solecisms sometimes sophisms spasms spectrograms spectrums speculums sperms spoonerisms spumes squirms stadiums staterooms steams stems stereochromes sternums stockrooms storerooms storms stratagems stratums streams strongrooms strums subdeliriums subitems subkingdoms sublimes substratums subsumes subsystems succedaneums sugarplums sums sunbeams superstratums surnames swarms swims syllogisms symbolisms symposiums symptoms syndromes synonyms syphiloderms systerns tames tams tandems tantrums tapeworms taprooms teams tearooms teems telegrams terms terrariums thames themes theorems threesomes thrums thunderstorms thymes times tomes toms totems trams transforms transoms trapeziums trienniums trigonums trims triremes tropaeolums truisms twosomes tympanums ultimatums unbosoms underwhelms uniforms vacuums variorums vasculums vellums velodromes venoms vermes viaticums viburnums victims vinculums vivariums volumes vulgarisms wardrooms warms washrooms waveforms welcomes whams whelms whims wigwams Williams windstorms witticisms workrooms yams yardarms zooms

False Friends

* Note the deletion of / d / in "seemed guilty" / ˈsi:m(d) ˈgɪltɪ /, when preceding consonant sound is also voiced and following consonant sound is any other than / h /.

The "n" following the "m" is silent in "damned" / ˈdæmd / and "condemned" / kənˈdemd /.

The letter "p" is silent in "empty", "tempt", "tempts", "temptress", and "temptation".

The letter "p" is often omitted in "glimpse", "glimpses" and "glimpsed".

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