Consonant Clusters

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beginning with voiceless alveolar plosive---- / t /

051---------tθ (final) --------breadth, eighth, hundredth, thousandth, width

052---------tθs (final) -------breadths, eighths, hundredths, thousandths, widths

053---------ts (final) --------cats, eats, fights, its, meets, parts, puts, waits

054---------tst (final) --------amidst, midst

/ m / / p / / b / / f / / v / / θ / / ð / / n / / t / / d /
/ s / / z / / l / / ʧ / / ʤ / / ʃ / / ʒ / / ŋ / / k / / g /

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Paste words containing consonant clusters into the search engine
of The British National Corpus [opens search engine window ].

/ *tθ / (final) -------bandwidth fingerbreadth hundredth width breadth handbreadth overbreadth doublewidth handsbreadth thousandth.

/ *tθs / (final) -------breadths, eighths, hundredths, thousandths, widths.

/ *ts / (final) -------bats cats dots fits gits hits jots kits lots nets oats pats pots rots sits tits ants bets cots eats gats guts huts juts lats mats nits opts pets puts ruts sots tots arts bits cuts fats gets hats jets kats lets mots nuts outs pits rats sets tats vats vets wits wats wets
abbots admits agents allots ashets averts beauts berets bidets blasts blunts boosts bursts carets cheats cleats clouts aborts adopts agists argots assets awaits befits besets bights bleats blurts bracts cadets chants chests clefts coasts adapts adults alerts ascots audits beasts begets besots bigots bloats boasts bruits carats charts civets clints comets coopts covets croats crusts culets davits defats depots don'ts drafts ducats egests ejects epacts erupts evicts exerts counts crafts crofts crypts curets debits deists digits donuts drifts duvets egrets elects erects events exacts exists courts crests cruets cubits daunts debuts demits divots doubts droits edicts eights enacts eructs everts exalts exults facets faults fights fleets floats founts frosts gemots giants glints grafts groats guests hearts idiots inputs islets fagots feasts filets flints flouts fritts fruits ghauts gigots gloats grants grouts habits helots ingots insets jabots faints feints firsts flirts foists fronts gamuts ghosts gilets godets greets grunts haunts hoists inlets inuits jaunts joints karsts lights mights mulcts octets paints pilots plaits points prints quests quints rebuts remits resits roasts joists knouts limits moults nights orbits petits pipits plants posits quants quiets quoits refits repots rights robots jousts krauts merits mounts objets owlets picots pivots pleats poults quarts quilts reacts relets resets rivets roosts rousts scants scouts shifts shoots shouts skirts smarts snorts splits sprats squats stints struts sweets taunts thefts sabots scents shafts shirts shorts shunts slants smelts snouts sports sprits starts stoats stunts swifts tempts tights saints scoots sheets shoats shotts sights sleets snoots splats spouts spurts stilts stouts sweats taints tenets toasts tracts trouts tweets upsets vaunts waists wrests yeasts traits trusts twists valets visits wheats wrists zibets treats trysts unfits vaults vomits worsts yachts

/ *tst / (final) -------amidst, midst.

False Friends

Note that in "amidst" / əˈmɪtst / and "midst" /ˈmɪtst /, the letter "d" is pronounced / t / and the whole consonant cluster is unvoiced / tst /

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