Consonant Clusters

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beginning with voiced labiodental fricative---- / v /

031---------vd (final) --------arrived, believed, involved, lived, proved, saved

032---------vz (final) --------additives, captives, loaves, loves, serves, waves

/ m / / p / / b / / f / / v / / θ / / ð / / n / / t / / d /
/ s / / z / / l / / ʧ / / ʤ / / ʃ / / ʒ / / ŋ / / k / / g /

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Paste words containing consonant clusters into the search engine
of The British National Corpus [opens search engine window ].

/ *vd / (final) ------- absolved amoved arrived believed braved caved conceived contrived craved delved derived disapproved dissolved engraved gloved grieved heaved achieved apperceived behaved beloved calved chivved connived convolved curved depraved deserved disbelieved dived enslaved graved grooved helved aggrieved approved behoved bereaved carved cleaved conserved coved deceived deprived devolved disproved eaved evolved greaved halved hived improved intervolved inweaved lived misconceived nerved outlived paved photoengraved predissolved raved redissolved reinvolved removed reproved retrieved revved innerved interweaved jived loved moved observed overachieved peeved preconceived preserved received reenslaved relieved repaved reserved revived rived interleaved involved leaved misbehaved negatived outbraved overlived perceived precontrived proved recurved reeved relived reprieved resolved revolved roved salved shaved shoved skived sleaved starved strived swerved unabsolved unbeloved underachieved undissolved unlived unnerved unperceived unreeved unreprieved saved sheaved shrived skydived sleeved staved subserved thieved unachieved uncontrived undeserved unimproved unloved unobserved unpreserved unrelieved unreproved served shelved sieved slaved solved steeved survived thrived unapproved undeceived undisproved uninvolved unmoved unpaved unproved unremoved unreserved unresolved unsaved unshaved unsolved unserved upheaved valved waived waved weaved

/ *vz / (final) -------Note that voiced / v / is followed by voiced / z / absolves additives affirmatives agaves alcoves amoves appellatives architraves attributives beeves believes bookshelves broadleaves captives caves cloverleaves ablatives accusatives adhesives afterlives aggrieves alewives antihypertensives apperceives archives autoclaves behaves bereaves braves calmatives carminatives chives cloves abrasives achieves adjectives aftershaves airwaves alternatives antitussives approves arrives bee-hives behooves bivalves breves calves carves cleaves collectives cornparatives conclaves connectives conserves contrives correctives corves coves curves delves deprives derives detectives digestives disbelieves disproves donatives compulsives conjugatives connives contraceptives convolves correlatives countermoves craves datives depraves depuratives deserves devolves directives disincentives dissolves doves conceives conjunctives conservatives contrapositives cooperatives corrosives counteroffensives curatives deceives depressives derivatives desideratives diapositives disapproves disjunctives dives drawknives drawshaves duratives electives endives ergatives exclaves explosives fives forgives fugitives gives greaves groves headscarves hives improves drives dwarves elves engraves eves executives fauves fixatives foxgloves genitives gloves grieves halves heaves hooves imperatives incentives droves eaves enclaves enslaves evolves expletives fishwives flyleaves frequentatives gerundives graves grooves haves helves housewives imperfectives indicatives infinitives intensives interrogatives invectives jackknives knaves laxatives loaves loves microgrooves misbehaves missives moves naves nerves objectives offensives initiatives interfluves intervolves involves jives knives leaves locatives mangroves microwaves misconceives mooncalves narratives neckerchieves nominatives observes olives innerves interleaves interweaves inweaves khedives ladyloves lives locomotives margraves midwives misgives motives natives negatives nosedives octaves operatives ourselves overac hieve s oversleeves peeves perceives pocketknives precontrives preservatives preventives proves raves recurves reeves relatives removes reprieves resolves outbraves overdrives paperknives pelves perspectives possessives predissolves preserves primitives purgatives receives redissolves reflexives relieves repaves reproves restoratives outlives overlives paves penknives photoengraves preconceives prerogatives preventatives progressives quarterstaves recitatives reenslaves reinvolves relives representatives reserves retrieves revives ringdoves salves sedatives serves shelves shrives skydives sleeves staves stoves subserves superlatives themselves troves turves underachieves revolves rives saves selves shaves shortwaves sieves slaves solves steeves strives substantives survives thieves trueloves ultraconservatives univalves reweaves roves scarves semibreves sheaves shoves skives sleaves starves stimulatives subjunctives subversives swerves thrives turtledoves undeceives unlives unnerves upheaves waives werewolves wolves unreeves valves waves wharves yourselves unweaves vocatives weaves wives zouaves

False Friends

The letter 's' following as the next phoneme after a voiced consonant sound is pronounced /z/ - the endings should be voiced.

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