Consonant Clusters

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beginning with voiced alveolar nasal---- / n /

036---------nθ (final) -------month, tenth

037---------nθ (medial) -----anthem

038---------nt (final) --------ant, aren�t, aunt, bent, can�t, font, want

039---------nts (final) -------ants, fonts, grunts, hints, hunts, pants

040---------ntst (final) ------chintzed

041---------nd (final) -------behind, concerned, find, found, friend, owned

042---------nd (medial) -----friendship, landlord -----* Note rules for deletion of / d /

043---------ndz (final) ------bends, ends, friends, sounds

044---------ns (final) -------hence, pence, since, tense

045---------ns (medial) -----pensive, tenses

046---------nz (final) -------hens, lens, pens, runs, tens

047---------nʧ (final) -------lunch, pinch

048---------nʧt (final) ------lunched, pinched

049---------nʤ (final) ------change, hinge

050---------nʤd (final) -----changed, hinged

/ m / / p / / b / / f / / v / / θ / / ð / / n / / t / / d /
/ s / / z / / l / / ʧ / / ʤ / / ʃ / / ʒ / / ŋ / / k / / g /

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/ *nθ / (final) -------absinth amaranth billionth coelacanth colocynth corinth decillionth dozenth eighteenth eleventh fifteenth fourteenth helminth hexacanth hyacinth hydranth jacinth labyrinth millionth month nemathelminth nineteenth ninth nonillionth octillionth perianth platyhelminth plinth quadrillionth quintillionth septillionth seventeenth seventh sextillionth sixteenth tenth terebinth thirteenth tragacanth trillionth umpteenth zillionth

/ *nθ* / (medial) -----anthem monthly

/ *nt / (final) 4 letters--------aunt bent bunt cant cent cont dent dint font gent hint hunt kant kent lent lint mint mont pant pent pint punt rant rent runt sent tent tint vent want went wont

/ *nt / (final) 5 letters --------agent anent avant blent blunt brent brunt burnt chant clint count daunt event faint feint flint fount front gaunt giant glint grant grunt gwent haunt jaunt joint leant meant mount paint plant point print quant quint saint scant scent shunt skint slant spent stint stunt suint taint taunt vaunt

/ *nt / (final) 6 letters --------abient absent adient anoint arrant askant avaunt cedent cogent detent eluent exeunt flaunt forint intent latent loment movant accent actant advent amount ardent argent arrent ascent aslant assent bezant cadent cement cli-ent decant decent docent dopant enfant errant extant extent flu-ent foment indent infant invent lament learnt lev-ant lucent moment movent mutant natant nutant octant orient par-ent pat-ent ped-ant pli-ant potent quaint recant recent regent relent remint repent resent rodent savant scient secant sejant silent sonant splint sprint squint tal-ent ten-ant tru-ant tyrant unbent unsent urgent vacant volant volent

/ *nt / (final) 7 letters --------abeyant account adamant adjoint affront agamont ailment aliment ambient ancient appoint asquint attaint augment avowant blatant brisant buoyant calmant catmint cholent clamant clement comment consent content convent coolant currant current defiant demount descant descent deviant diluent diplont dissent distant dormant dovzment elegant element eminent enchant ensuant entrant eobiont erodent etchant evident exigent explant feasant ferment fervent figment fitment fondant formant forwent fulgent gallant gardant garment haplont hutment hydrant implant imprint instant isodont issuant lambent lenient mandant manhunt mediant migrant mordant mordent mutuant nascent oddment operant opulent oxidant pageant passant patient payment peasant pendant pendent pennant percent pigment piquant portent present prevent prudent ptinent pungent radiant raiment rampant reagent recount regnant regrant reliant remnant remount repaint replant repoint reprint reptant ringent salient saltant sapient sealant segment sequent serpent servant sextant siccant solvent sporont spraint statant student tangent titrant torment torrent trident ululant unburnt unguent unmeant unspent upfront vagrant valiant variant varmint verdant versant vibrant vincent violent warrant

/ *nts / (final) -------aunts dents gents pants punts mints rants fonts etc

/ *ntst / (final) ------chintzed

/ *nd / (final) -------abound addend amend analysand apprehend around attend backbend band battleground behind bend bland blond bookend boyfriend broadband aboveground aground amerind and archfiend ascend auckland background bandstand beforehand behindhand beyond blend bloodhound borderland brand browband abscond almond ampersand append armband astound augend backhand baseband befriend bellyband bind blind bond bound brigand buckhound cabstand chairbound clothbound coextend compound condescend contend countermand crosswind dachshund deodand despond disband dividend downland draghound dumbfound campground Chateaubriand clubhand command comprehend confirmand contraband cowhand Cumberland defend depend deutschland disneyland dixieland downtrend dreamland earthbound casebound cleveland clubland commend computerland confound correspond cropland cummerbund demand descend diamond distend dockland downwind dromond eastbound eland emend enwind expend extend falkland fatherland fiend firebrand flatland foreground forewind freehand frond garland geepound gland elfland end errand expound fairground farmhand fecund find firsthand fogbound forehand found friend fund gavelkind gerund godsend elkhound england expand exscind fairyland farmland fend finland fishpond fond foreland foxhound friesland gangland gazehound girlfriend gormand gourmand grandstand greensand ground headband headwind hidebound hinterland homebound horehound househusband husband impend ind inland interwind ironbound graduand grassland greyhound hand headland heartland highland hoarhound homeland hound howlround icebound impound infrasound integrand interwound island grand greenland grind handstand headstand hellhound hind holland hoofbound housebound humankind iceland inbound inkstand intend ireland jocund keeshond lagend legend longhand mankind mastermind microsecond millpond misapprehend misunderstand motherland musclebound newfound newsstand northland offhand orotund kickstand land lend lowland marchiand maund midland mind misbrand moorland mound nanosecond newfoundland nightstand noseband operand outbound kind lapland ligand mainland marshland mend millisecond minuend misspend moribund multiplicand neckband newshound northbound offend ordinand outland outstand overextend overhand overwind pend pitchbend poind portend prebend profound quicksand rand reapprehend rebound redemand refund remend overabound overfond overland overwound perpend plafond poland portland pretend propound radicand raymond reascend recommend redescend reground remind overexpand overground overspend parkland picosecond playground pond pound proband purblind rainband reamend rebind recompound redound remand rend repand reprimand resound rewind richmond rosalind rubicund saraband scrubland secund send showground snowbound spaceband spend stand stormbound repetend rescind respond rewound rind rotund runaround scend second semiblind shetland s ideband sound spellbind stagehand stipend strand reprehend resend reverend riband roband round sand scotland secondhand semiround shorthand sleuthhound southbound spellbound staghound stoneground strikebound subtend superabound suspend sweatband tailwind teind thousand turnaround unbend underground understand unhand unwind upland vend washstand we asand subtrahend superintend swampland switzerland tamarind tend transcend turnround unbind underhand underwind unkind unwound upwind waistband wasteland weatherbound summand surround swaziland tableland taxistand thailand trend ultrasound unbound underspend underwound unsound upend vagabond wand waveband weekend wend whirlwind withstand wonderland workhand wrapround westbound wind wolfhound woodland wound wristband wetland windbound womankind woodwind wraparound zealand
* Note rules for deletion of / d / in extended contexts e.g. Shetlan(d) pony; woodlan(d) park; secon(d) place; BUT second-hand

/ *nd* / (medial) -------friendship, landlord -----* Note rules for deletion of / d /

/ *ndz / (final) ------ Note that voiced / n / + / d / is followed by voiced / z / abounds amends attends bands bookends boyfriends etc

/ *ns / (final) ------- aberrance abidance abstinence acceptance acescence acquiesence admittance advertence affluence allowance ambulance antecedence appliance arrogance askance assurance audience abeyance abscondence abundance accidence acquaintance acquittance adolescence affiance allegiance ambience announce appearance appurtenance ascendance assistance astringence avoidance abhorrence absence accedence accordance acquiescence adherence advance affirmance alliance ambivalence annoyance appetence arborescence ascendence assonance attendance balance belligerence bioluminescence bonce brisance canescence chemiluminescence circumambience circumstance clarence coexistence coherence comeuppance complacence concomitance concupiscence condolence confidence beneficence bioscience bounce cadence capacitance chevisance circumference clairaudience clearance cognisance coincidence commence complaisance concordance concurrence conduetance confluence benevolence bivalence brilliance candescence chance chrominance circumfluence clairvoyance coalescence cognizance coinsurance competence compliance concrescence c onde s c endenc e conference conformance congruence consentience consonance contingence convalescence convergence convince couchance counterintelligence credence dance defeasance defervescence dehiscence deliverance descendance desistance conmvance consequence Constance continuance convenance conversance corpulence countenance covariance cumbrance decadence defence defiance deliquescence denounce descendence desistence conscxence consistence continence contrivance convenience conveyance correspondence counterbalance crapulence dalliance decumbence deference deflorescence delitescence dependence desinence despondence detergence deturgescence diffidence disaffirmance discontinuance disinheritance dissentience dissonance divergence dunce efference effluence electroluminescence eloquence emollience enhance entrance deterrence deviance difluence disallowance discordance disobedience disseverance distance divulgence durance effervescence effulgence electrovalence emergence enc umbrance enounce equidistance deturnescence difference diligence disappearance discountenance dissemblance dissidence disturbance dominance ebullience efflorescence elastance elegance eminence endurance ensconce equipollence equiponderance essence evidence excrescence exitance expedience exuberance feasance fiance f1amboyance florence fluorescence fragrance freelance furtherance governance guidance equivalence esurience evince exigence exorbitance experience exultance feculence finance flatulence florescence forbearance franee frondescence geoscience grandile�quence halfpence erubescence evanescence excellence existence expectance extravagance faience fence flagrance flocculence flounce forbiddance fraudulence frutescence glance grievance hance hence hindrance imbalance impedance impercipience importance imprudence inadvertence incidence incoherence incongruence incontinence indehiscence indigence indulgence inexpedience hesitance ignorance immanence imparlance impendence impermanence impotence impudence incalescence incipience incompetence inconsequence inconvenience independence indolence inelegance inexperience hinderance illuminance imminence impatience impenitence impertinence improv idenc e impuissance incandescence incognizance incompliance inconsonance incumbrance indifference induetance ineloquence inference inflorescence inhabitance innocence insignificance insouciance insurgence intendance interference intervenience intumescence irradiance issuance jubilance lance levance liquescence luxuriance influence inherence inobservance insistence instance intelligence intercurrence interinsurance intolerance invariance irrelevance iterance jurisprudence lawrence licence luminance magnificence infrequence inheritance insentience insolence insurance intemperance interdependence intermittence intransigence iridescence irreverence jounce lactescence lenience ligeance luminescence magniloquence maintenance malfeasance mellifluence microbalance mischance misguidance monovalence munificence nescience nonacceptance nonce nondependence noninterference nonoccurrence nonresistance nuisance obeyance maleficence malignance mergence mince miscontinuance misintelligence monstrance nascence nigrescence nonappearance nonchalance nonexistence nonobedience nonperformance nonviolence obedience observance malevolence marcescence mesalliance misalliance misfeasance mispronounce mumcnance negligence noctilucence nonattendance noncompliance nonfeasance nonobservance nonresidence nuance obeisance obsolescence occupance omittance omnipresence opalescence ordnance outbalance overabundance overconfidence overinfluence overreliance patience penetrance percipience permeance pertinence phosphorescence pittance occurrence omnicompetence omniscience opulence ordonnance outdance overadvance overdependenc e overinsistence parascience penance penitence performance perseverance pestilence photoluminescence pleasance offence omnipotence once ordinance ounce outdistance overbalance overindulgence overinsurance parlance pence perchance permanence persistence petulance photoreconnaissance pluripresence poignance prance preannounce precedence preference presence prevalence prominence provenance province pseudoscience pulverulence purveyance quince radiance reacceptance readmittance potence preacceptance preappearance predominance preponderance presentence prince pronounce provence prudence pubescence pursuance putrescence quintessence radioluminescence reacquaintance reappearance pounce preadolescence preassurance preeminence prescience pretence proalliance protuberance providence prurience puissance purulence quiescence quittance ranee reactance reassurance recalcitrance recognisance reconnaissance recrudescence redolence reentrance refinance reinsurance reliance remembrance remittence renascence repentance resentence resipiscence resplendence reticence recalescence recognizance recontinuance recumbence redundance reexperience reflectance rejuvinescence reluctance reminiscence remonstrance renounce repugnance residence resistance respondence reverence recipience recommence reconveyance recurrence reemergence reference refulgence relevance remanence remittance renaissance reoccurrence resemblance resilience resonance resurgence riddance romance salience sconce semblance sentence severance silence somnambulance stance submittance subservience substance superabundance superindifference supersedence supportance sustenance rubescence sapience seance s emidependenc e sentience sibilance since somnolence suballiance subprovinee subsidence succulence supereminence superintendence supervenience surveillance temperance rufescence science securance senescence sequence significance sixpence spinescence submergence subsequence subsistence sufferance superincumbence superreliance suppliance susceptance thence thermoluminescence transcendence transience transmittance truculence turbulence unac c ept anc e underinsurance usance valance vaporescence vengeance violence vitrescence wince tolerance transference transilience triboluminescence tumescence turgescence unbalance undulance utterance valence variance vergence virescence voidance trance transhumanee translucence trounce tuppence twopence underfinance unintelligence vagrance valiance vehemence vigilance virulence whence

/ *ns* (medial) ------- comprehensive, intensive, pensive, tenses

/ *nz / (final) 4 letters -------awns bans bins bons buns cans cons dens dins dons duns eons erns fans fens fins fons gens gins guns hens huns inns ions kens lens mans mens mons nons nuns owns pans pens pins pons puns runs sans sins sons suns tans tens tins tons urns vans wens wins yens

/ *nz / (final) 5 letters ------- aeons amens axons banns barns beans biens boons brans burns chins clans coins corns damns darns dawns deans downs earns evens exons fauns fawns ferns finns flans frons gains geans girns glans glens goons gowns grins horns hymns icons irons jeans joins juans kaons keens kerns khans kilns klans koans lawns leans liens limns lions loans loins loons lyons mains means miens moans moons morns muons nouns omens opens ovens pains pawns peens peons plans rains reins ruins scans shins shuns signs skins spans spins stuns swans tarns teens terns thins towns trans trons tuans turns twins veins warns weans wrens yarns yawns yeans

/ *nz / (final) 6 letters ------- acorns adorns albans aliens aligns anions aprons aryans asians aspens athens auxins bairns baluns bar-ons basins batons begins bisons bosons bosuns bourns brains browns bruins burins cabins cairns cajuns canons capons cedens chains churns cleans clowns codons coigns colons covens cozens croons crowns Cubans cumins deigns demons divans djinns dolens doyens dozens drains drowns fanons feigns felons foehns frowns futons gamins gipons girons gleans gluons gowans grains greens groans groins gyrons havens herons hogans humans hymens intens iowans j apans jacens jupons kulans kylins latins learns lemons likens limens linens livens lorans lumens lysins masons mat-ins mayans melons morons mourns nolens nylons oceans onions organs paeans pagans patens pecans pinons pitons plains prawns preens prions pylons queens querns quoins ravens rayons redans reigns remans repins reruns resins ricans ripens robins romans rosins rubens rumens salons satins savins saxons scions scorns sedans semens serins sevens sheens sirens skeins spawns spoons spurns stains steins sterns susans swoons talons taxons ten-ens tenons thorns titans tokens toxins trains unions unmans unpins vacans vixens volens wagons wakens widens yearns yulans

/ *nʧ / (final) ------- bench blanch blench branch brunch bullfinch bunch chaffinch chinch cinch clench clinch conch counterpunch crunch disbranch drench elasmobranch entrench finch flaunch flinch french goldfinch grassfinch greenfinch haunch hawfinch hunch inch lamellibranch launch lunch lynch mesoconch munch opisthobranch paunch pinch punch quench ranch rebranch reintrench retrench sarpanch scrunch squinch stanch staunch stench subbranch tectibranch tench wench wrench trench unclench winch workbench

/ *nʧt / (final) ------branched bunched clenched crunched entrenched flinched launched lunched lynched pinched punched quenched wrenched

/ *nʤ / (final) ------ allonge arrange astringe avenge binge blanemange blunge challenge change cringe derange disarrange downrange estrange exchange expunge falange flange fringe grange gunge henge hinge impinge infringe interchange lange lounge lozenge lunge mange melange misarrange muskellunge omnirange orange outrange phalange plunge prearrange range rearrange rechallenge reexchange rehinge revenge scavenge scrounge shortchange singe sponge springe strange twinge syringe unchange tinge unhinge

/ *nʤd / (final) ------ arranged avenged binged challenged changed cringed exchanged impinged lunged plunged ranged rearranged scavenged scrounged shortchanged singed sponged tinged unhinged unchanged

False Friends

* Note the deletion of / d / in "landlord" / ˈlæn(d)ˈlɔ:d /, or "friendship" / ˈfren(d)ʃɪp /, when preceding consonant sound is also voiced and following consonant sound is any other than / h /.

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