Consonant Clusters

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beginning with voiced alveolar fricative---- / z /

060---------zd (final) -------amazed, closed, crazed, gazed, lazed, phased, phrased praised

/ m / / p / / b / / f / / v / / θ / / ð / / n / / t / / d /
/ s / / z / / l / / ʧ / / ʤ / / ʃ / / ʒ / / ŋ / / k / / g /

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Paste words containing consonant clusters into the search engine
of The British National Corpus [opens search engine window ].

/ *zd / (final) ------- Note that voiced / z / is followed by voiced / d / abused accessorised acclimatised accused actualised advertised advised aggrandised alkalinised alkalised alphabetised aluminised americanised americanized amortised amused anathematised anatomised anglicised anodised antagonised anthologised apologised apostatised apostrophised appeased apposed appraised apprised aroused atomised attitudinised authorised automatised baptised barbarised bastardised bemused bestialised bloused braised breathalysed browsed bruised brutalised bureaucratised burglarised canalised cannibalised canonised capitalised caramelised carburised caroused catechised categorised catheterised catholicised caused cauterised centralised characterised chastised christianised cicatrised circularised circumcised circumfused civilianised civilised classicised cleansed closed cocainised collectivised colonised commercialised compartmentalised comprised compromised computerised conceptualised concretised confused containerised contemporised contused conventionalised counterpoised criticised cruised crystallised customised cyanosed decarbonised decentralised decimalised decolonised decolorised decomposed decriminalised defused dehumanised deionised delocalised demagnetised dematerialised demilitarised demineralised demised demobilised democratised demonetarised demonetised demonised demoralised demythologised denuclearised deodorised deoxidised departmentalised depersonalised depolarised depoliticised depolymerised deposed depressurised deputised desalinised desensitised despised destabilised destructuralised desulphurised detribalised devised devitalised diagnosed dialysed dichotomised diffused digitised diphthongised disabused disclosed discomposed diseased disenfranchised disfranchised disguised disorganised displeased disposed disused divinised dogmatised dramatised drowsed eased ebonised ecchymosed economised editorialised effused elasticised electrolysed elegised emotionalised empathised emphasised enclosed energised enfranchised enigmatised enterprised enthused entomologised epigrammatised epitomised equalised erased espoused eternalised etherealised etymologised euhemerised eulogised euphemised evangelised excised excused exercised exorcised experimentalised exposed extemporised exteriorised externalised factorised familiarised fanaticised fantasised faradised federalised feminised fertilised feudalised fictionalised finalised housed hydrogenised hydrolysed hyperbolised hypersensitised hypnotised hyposensitised hypostatised hypothesised hysterectomised idealised idolatrised idolised illegalised immaterialised immobilised immortalised immunised impersonalised imposed improvised incised inclosed incused indisposed individualised industrialised infamised infused initialised institutionalised intellectualised interiorised internalised internationalised interposed interspersed iodised ionised ironised islamised isochronised isomerised italianised italicised itemised jargonised jeopardised journalised juxtaposed labialised laicised lased Latinised legalised legitimatised legitimised lexicalised liaised liberalised lionised liquidised localised lyophilised macadamised magnetised marbleised marginalized martyrised materialised maximised mechanised mediatised melodramatised memorialised memorised mercerised merchandised mesmerised metabolised metamorphosed metaphrased metaphysicised metastasised metathesised methodised metricised militarised mineralised miniaturised minimised misadvised misappraised miscategorised mischaracterised misdiagnosed misphrased misprised misrecognised misused mobilised modernised moisturised monetised mongrelised monopolised monotonised moralised motorised municipalised mused narcotised nasalised nationalised naturalised nebulised neutralised nitrogenised noised nomadised normalised nosed notarised novelised obelised operatised opposed opsonised optimised organised osmosed ostracised overanalysed overcapitalised overcivilised overcriticised overdramatised overemphasised overexercised overexposed overgeneralised overidealised overindustrialised overpraised overpublicised overromanticised overspecialised overused oxidised oxygenised ozonised paganised palatalised palletised panegyrised parabolised paradised paralysed paraphrased parasitised parenthesised parsed particularised pasteurised patronised pauperised paused pedestrianised penalised peptonised perfused personalised perused phased philosophised phlebotomised phosphatised photosensitised photosynthesised phrased plagiarised plasmolysed plasticised platinised platinized platitudinised pleased pluralised poeticised poised polarised politicised polymerised popularised posed praised preadvertised predisposed preexposed pressurised presupposed prioritised prised privatised procompromised professionalised pronominalised propagandised proposed prosed proselytised psychlologised psychoanalysed publicised pulverised pyrolysed radicalised raised randomised rased rationalised reaccused realised reanalysed reappraised rearoused rebaptised recapitalised recognised recolonised recomposed recondensed recrystallised redemised reemphasised reenclosed refused regalvanised regularised rehumanised reimposed reinfused relativised remilitarised remised remonetised rendezvoused reorganised rephrased reposed reprised republicanised reused reutilised revalorised revised revitalised revolutionised rhapsodised ritualised romanised romanticised roughhoused roused rubberised ruggedised ruralised sanitised satirised scandalised schematised scrutinised sectionalised secularised seised semicivilised semiexposed semiorganised sensitised sensualised sentimentalised serialised sermonised sheradised signalised singularised skeletonised socialised solarised solemnised soliloquised solubilised sovietised specialised spiritualised stabilised standardised sterilised stigmatised stripteased stylised subminiaturised subsidised suburbanised suffused sulphurised summarised summonsed superimposed superposed superspecialised supervised supposed suppressed surmised surprised symbolised sympathised synchronised synthesised systematised systemised tantalised tartarised teased televised temporised tenderised territorialised terrorised theologised theorised totalised traditionalised tranquillised transfused transgressed transistorised transposed traumatised trivialised tropicalised tyrannised unacclimatised unaccused unadvertised unadvised unamused unappeased unauthorised unbaptised unbruised unchastised uncircumcised uncivilised unclosed uncondensed unconfused undercapitalised underemphasised underexposed underhoused underpraised undevised undiagnosed undisclosed undisguised undisposed unenclosed unenfranchised unerased unexcused unexercised unexposed unfertilised unhoused uninclosed unionised unitised universalised unmemorised unopposed unorganised unpasteurised unpleased unpoised unpolarised unpolymerised unposed unproposed unraised unrealised unrecognised.

/ *st / (final) -------Note that voiceless / s / is followed by voiceless / t / abased abscessed accessed accursed addressed amassed appressed aspersed assessed based biased biassed blessed bossed brassed burnoused bused bussed buttressed bypassed canvassed caressed cased ceased censed chased chassed chorused classed coinpassed collapsed condensed confessed conversed convulsed cornpressed coursed coversed creased crisscrossed crossed cursed cussed debased deceased declassed decompressed decreased degassed degreased deloused depressed digressed disbursed discoursed discussed disembarrassed dismissed dispensed dispersed dispossessed distressed dosed dossed doused dowsed dressed eclipsed elapsed embarrassed embossed embussed emersed encased enchased encompassed endorsed expressed finessed immersed impressed incased incensed increased indorsed intercrossed jessed kissed lapsed leased licensed loosed loused massed messed misaddressed missed mortised moused mussed nonplussed nonprossed noosed nursed obsessed oppressed outclassed outcrossed outgassed outguessed overdosed overdressed overimpressed passed possed possessed practised preaddressed preblessed precessed predeceased premised prepossessed pressed prestressed processed professed progressed prolapsed promised pulsed purchased purposed pursed engrossed readdressed reassessed recessed recompensed recrossed reexpressed redressed refocused refocussed reglossed regressed reharnessed rehearsed rehoused reimbursed relapsed released relicensed repassed repossessed repressed reprocessed repulsed repurchased retrogressed reversed rinsed sensed showcased soused stressed subleased submersed succussed surpassed teargassed tensed tossed traipsed traversed trespassed tressed trussed uantised unaddressed unassessed unbiased unblessed unconfessed uncrossed underassessed underdressed underleased undiffused undisbursed undistressed undressed unembarrassed unendorsed unexpressed unharnessed unhorsed unimpressed unindorsed unkissed unleased unlicensed unloosed unoppressed unpossessed unpractised unpressed unprocessed unprofessed unrecompensed unredressed unrehearsed.

False Friends

* Note the deletion of / d / in "praised greatly" / ˈpreɪz(d) ˈgreɪtlɪ /, "phrased very carefully" / ˈfreɪz(d) ˈverɪ ˈkeəflɪ / or "closed down" / ˈkləʊz(d) ˈdaʊn /, when preceding consonant sound is also voiced and following consonant sound is any other than / h /.

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