Consonant Clusters

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beginning with voiced alveolar plosive---- / d /

055---------dz (final) -------almonds, beds, birds, hands, kinds, weeds, words

/ m / / p / / b / / f / / v / / θ / / ð / / n / / t / / d /
/ s / / z / / l / / ʧ / / ʤ / / ʃ / / ʒ / / ŋ / / k / / g /

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Paste words containing consonant clusters into the search engine
of The British National Corpus [opens search engine window ].

/ *dz / (final) -------Note that voiced / d / is followed by voiced / z / abounds acids ads aids alkaloids almonds ampersands annelids antiworlds appends arachnids arrowheads assureds attends awards backboards backhands absconds adds affords airfields alkyds amends analysands antacids aoudads applauds archfiends arthropods asteroids augends axseeds backfields backwards accords adenoids afterwards airspeeds allods amerinds androids anthropoids aphids apprehends armbands ascends astounds avoids backbends backgrounds backwoods backyards bands barmaids basswoods bauds beads beds befriends beholds bespreads billboards billiards bipeds blackbirds blackheads blindfolds blockboards badlands bandstands barnyards bastards bawds beards bedspreads beheads bellybands bicuspids billfolds binds bipods blackboards bleeds blinds blockheads ballads bards baseboards battlefields beachheads beclouds bedsteads behinds bends bids billheads bioflavonoids birds blackguards blends blizzards blonds bloodhounds bluebirds bodyguards bondmaids boneyards boulevards brads brassards breeds bridesmaids brigands broods buckboards builds buttonmoulds byroads calends bloods boards bollards bonds bookends bounds braids breadboards briards bridgeboards broads brotherhoods buckhounds bulkheads buzzards bywords campgrounds bluebeards bobsleds bombards boneheads borderlands boyfriends brands breads brickyards bridgeheads broadswords browbands buds bustards buzzwords cads canards cards cartloads catbirds caucasoids cephalopods checkerboards chesterfields chilopods chromatids cirripeds clavichords clouds coastguards coextends colloids cornmends comprehends carloads caryatids catchwords centreboards chambermaids cheeseboards chickweeds chipboards chrysalids clads clipboards clubhands cods colds coloureds communards concords carotids caseloads catheads centrefolds chancroids chessboards childhoods chords churchyards clapboards clods coalfields coeds collards commands coinpounds condescends confirmands copepods corkboards corticosteroids cottonweeds counterwords cowbirds creeds crossheads crosswords cuds cupids custards dads dards dastards deathbeds confounds copperheads cornfields cotswolds cottonwoods courtyards cowhands croplands crossroads crowds cummerbunds curds cycloids daggerboards dartboards daybeds deeds contends cords corresponds cottonseeds countermands cowards cowherds crossbreeds crosswinds cuckolds cupboards cuspids dachshunds dairymaids dashboards deadheads defends defrauds demantoids descends diamonds disbands discoids distends dockyards downlands draghounds dreads drumheads duads dullards dyads earthwards eisteddfods deltoids demigods desmoids diehards disbuds discords dividends dogwoods downtrends dragonheads dromonds drunkards duckboards dumbfounds dyewoods echinoids elands demands depends desponds dihybrids discards disregards docklands dotards downwards draughtboards druids dryads duds dunderheads eaglewoods eggheads elkhounds ellipsoids emeralds enneads ephemerids errands eurypterids expends extends fairgrounds falklands farmhands farmyards featherbeds fends fiddleheads fiends filopods embeds ends enshrouds ephods eupatrids exceeds expounds eyelids fairleads falsehoods farmlands fatheads featherheads feuds fids figureheads finds emends enfolds enwinds epicycloids euphausiids expands exscinds fads fairylands farads farmsteads fatherlands feeds fibreboards fields filecards fingerboards fiords fireweeds fjelds flashboards flatheads floorboards folds footboards forbids forehands forewinds formfeeds founds frauds freightyards frontwards garboards firebrands fishponds fjords flashforwards flavonoids flowerbeds fonds footholds fords foreheads forewords forwards fountainheads freeholds friends funds garlands fireguards fissipeds flannelboards flatbeds floods fluids foods footpads foregrounds forelands foreyards foulards foxhounds freeloads fronds gads gasteropods gastropods gazehounds geoids gilds girlfriends glands goatherds godsends goldthreads goods gourmands granddads grasslands greenwoods grids guards gumshields gatefolds geepounds geometrids giltheads gizzards glucocorticoids goatsbeards goldenrods goliards gormands grads grands graveyards greybeards grinds guilds gumweeds gauds gelds gerunds girds glads goads gods golds gonads gourds graduands grandstands greenheads greyhounds grounds gulfweeds gurnards gwyniads halliards handfeeds hands hardheads hatreds hazards headlands headwards heavenwards hellhounds heptads herefords hexapods hinds hoarhounds holds haemorrhoids halyards handholds handstands hardwoods hawkweeds headbands heads headwinds heeds hemipods heralds hexachords highlands hinterlands hods homelands halberds hammerheads handmaids hardboards harpsichords hayseeds headboards headstands headwords helipads henceforwards herds hexads highroads hoards hogsheads homesteads homewards hotbeds households humanoids husbands hypocycloids impends inboards infanthoods inkstands insureds intends interlards invalids islands jacquards j ihads hoods hotheads househusbands hummingbirds hybrids hypothyroids impleads inbreeds infields innards integrands interbreeds interpleads inwards isopods jailbirds junkyards horehounds hounds housemaids hundreds hyperthyroids imbeds impounds indigoids infolds inroads intendeds interfolds interwinds ironwoods iuds jeremiads katydids keeshonds kids kneads knighthoods lads lairds landwards lards leaseholds leftwards lends leporids lifeguards lipids lizards loggerheads lowlands keyboards kinds kneepads knuckleheads ladybirds landlords Ianyards lauds leeboards legends leopards letterheads ligands liquids loads lords maenads kickstands kingbirds knightheads kobolds laggards lands lapboards leads leewards lemuroids leotards lids likelihoods livelihoods locoweeds lovebirds maidenheads maids manifolds marchlands masterminds matchboards melds mermaids microseconds milkmaids milliseconds minefields misapprehends misleads misspends mods moods mortarboards mainlands mansards marigolds mastheads mauds meloids meteoroids midfields milkweeds millponds minuends misbrands mispleads misunderstands mongoloids moorlands motherboards mallards marauds marshlands mastoids meads mends methods midlands milliards minds misadds misdeeds misreads mockingbirds monkshoods mopeds mouldboards mounds myriads nanoseconds negroids netherlands newsstands nods northwards nosebleeds nurserymaids offends oilseeds orchids outbreeds outstands overbids overcrowds mudguards naiads neckbands neighbourhoods newlyweds niggards nomads northwestwards notochords nymphalids oilbirds onwards outbids outfields outwards overbuilds overexpands multiplicands nailheads needs nerds newshounds nightstands northeastwards nosebands nursemaids odds oilfields orchards outboards outspreads overabounds overclouds overextends overfeeds overloads overspreads oxfords paperboards parklands pauropods pentads phonecards picoseconds pinheads plaids pleads polaroids ponds poppyheads potheads overhands overlords overwinds packthreads paranoids passwords payloads periods photofloods piebalds pitheads planetoids plods pollards pongids portends overheads overspends ovoids pads parathyroids pasteboards pegboards petards picofarads pilchards placards playgrounds pods polypods poniards postcards pounds prerecords proceeds propounds pumpkinseeds pushrods pyrenoids quids raids rainbirds rapids rearguards rebids rebuilds records redescends reds prebends pretends prods pteropods punchboards pyralids quadrupeds racecards railcards ramrods readds rearwards rebinds recommends redbuds redheads redwoods premeds printheads proofreads puffbirds purebreds pyramids quads ragweeds rainbands rangelands reads reascends rebounds recompounds redemands redounds reedbirds reeds refunds rekeyboards remends rends rereads reseeds retards reverends rewinds ricebirds rightwards roadbeds robands rosebuds rounds sailboards refloods regards reloads reminds reprehends rerecords resounds rethreads rewards rewords rids rinds roads rods rosewoods rudderheads salads refolds regilds remands remoulds reprimands rescinds responds retreads rewelds rhomboids riflebirds ripcords roadsteads roods roundheads safeguards sands sapheads scablands scalds schizoids scorecards seabeds seawards seeds shards shepherds shorebirds shreds sidebands sidewards skateboards skinheads sleuthhounds satinwoods scads scaleboards scolds scraperboards seabirds seaweeds sends sheds shields sherewards shrouds sideboards signboards skids skywards sluggards scabbards scaffolds scends scoreboards scuds seaboards seconds shads sheepfolds shipyards showgrounds sickbeds sideroads sisterhoods skinfolds sleepyheads smorgasbords soapsuds solenoids sounds southwestwards speeds spheroids springheads squids stands sternwards stipends strands subbreeds subtrahends sunwards surfboards swards sods solids southeastwards spaniards spellbinds spreads spuds staghounds steeds steroids stockyards strongholds subheads succeeds superadds surrounds swearwords softwoods songbirds southwards spearheads spends springboards squads standards steelyards stewards storyboards studs subtends suds superintends suspends sweetbreads switchboards tablelands tamarinds tends thousands thuds timberyards tods towheads treads triffids tumbleweeds tweeds underbids underspends unfolds unloads swords tabloids tankards thirds threads thunderclouds timecards toeholds transcends trends tripods turnarounds unbends underfeeds understands unhands unthreads synods tads teds thoroughbreds thresholds thyroids toads towards trapezoids triads truckloads turnrounds unbinds undergirds underwinds unleads unwinds upbraids upholds vagabonds vespids vizards waggonloads wallboards warheads washstands waterbeds weatherboards weeds wellheads whipcords whiteheads wilds winterfeeds upbuilds uplands vanguards viands voids wagonloads wands warlords wastelands watersheds weaverbirds weekends wends whirlwinds whoefoods winds withholds upends upwards vends vineyards wads waistbands wards washboards watchwords wavebands weds welds westwards whirlybirds wields wingspreads withstands wizards wonderlands woods woodyards worlds wraparounds yellowbirds woads woodenheads woodsheds words wormwoods wristbands yellowheads wolfhounds woodlands woodwinds workloads wounds yards yields

False Friends

Following the voiced consonant sound /d/ the letter 's' represents the consonant sound /z/ in most examples (as in the above list). Exceptions: when the letter 'd' represents the voiceless consonant /t/ (as in "amidst" and "midst") the whole consonant cluster is unvoiced: / tst /.

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