Consonant Clusters

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beginning with voiced velar plosive---- / g /

107---------gd (final) -------bagged, hugged, logged, tagged, wagged

108---------gz (final) -------eggs, figs, mugs, rugs

/ m / / p / / b / / f / / v / / θ / / ð / / n / / t / / d /
/ s / / z / / l / / ʧ / / ʤ / / ʃ / / ʒ / / ŋ / / k / / g /

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Paste words containing consonant clusters into the search engine
of The British National Corpus [opens search engine window ].

/ *gd / (final) ------- backlogged bagged barelegged befogged begged bewigged bogged bootlegged bowlegged bragged bugged bulldogged carpetbagged chugged clogged cogged dagged debugged defogged dogged doglegged dragged drugged egged fagged figged flagged flogged fogged footslogged frogged gagged gigged hogged hugged humbugged jagged jigged jitterbugged jogged jugged lagged lateenrigged leapfrogged legged logged lugged mugged nagged pegged pettifogged pigged plugged pugged ragged rejigged rigged rugged sagged sandbagged shagged shrugged slogged slugged snagged snugged swigged tagged togged tugged unclogged unpegged unplugged unrigged wagged waterlogged wigged wigwagged zigzagged

/ *gz / (final) ------- backlogs bags beanbags bedbugs befogs begs bergs bigwigs blacklegs bogs bootlegs bowlegs brags brigs bugs bulldogs bullfrogs burgs carpetbags chugs cigs clegs clogs cogs cologs dags debugs defogs digs dishrags doglegs dogs doodlebugs drags dregs drugs dugs earplugs earwigs eggnogs eggs ergs fags faubourgs feedbags figs firebugs firedogs fireplugs fishgigs flags fleabags flogs fogdogs fogs footslogs forelegs frags frogs gags gasbags gigs golliwogs grigs grogs groundhogs hags hamburgs handbags hedgehogs hogs homburgs hugs humbugs icebergs inselbergs jags jigs jitterbugs jogs jugs kegs kitbags knags lags lapdogs leapfrogs legs litterbugs loglogs logs lugs mogs moneybags mugs muskegs nags nogs nosebags nutmegs pegs periwigs pettifogs pfennigs pigs plugs polliwogs postbags prigs pugs putlogs quahogs ragbags rags rejigs rigs rugs saddlebags sags sandbags scalawags scallywags shags sheepdogs sheerlegs shindigs shrugs skegs slogs slugs snags sparkplugs sprags sprigs stags swigs tagalogs tags thugs toerags togs trugs tugs twigs unclogs underdogs unplugs unrigs wags watchdogs whigs whirligigs wigs wigwags windbags workbags yellowlegs zigzags

False Friends

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